400 Meters Hurdling; Definition and Technique


The definition of 400 meter hurdling is the same with the one for 100 or 110. They are all aimed to have the runners jumping over 10 obstacles in one running trajectory. In doing the technique, there are some things a runner needs to be paid attention to. Just like any other sport, hurdling qualifies fair play as an important point to reach and to be a champion. However, practicing will always be a good thing to do. Especially when someone aims to be a hurdling runner. Here is how and what the definition of hurdling for 400 meters is.

The Definition

Hurdling for 400 meters can be for both men and women. This is based on long sprint that is 400 meters and sprint obstacle that is 100 and 110 meters. That is why, a runner has to be able to pass and jump over the obstacle with any foot, passing another 400 meters in any trajectory, and also jumping efficiently without counting about the sharpness of corner, and changing the patterns f step between the obstacles when tiredness is felt.

  1. Basic Technique

The technique for this 400 meters hurdling is basically the same with the hurdling with 100/110 meters, but it will not be as tiring as the others because the obstacles are pretty much lower.

  1. The body position is straighter and is not too bent to the sides when passing the obstacles.
  2. Pulling the leading leg to the horizontal position and make it straight to the front to then jump over it. After that, a runner also needs to reach one hand and make it able to balance the body. Of course, in a different and opposite position.
  3. The following leg needs to be bent to the knee and being cycled to the front horizontally. This is then to focus on jumping over the obstacles. After that, the knee has to follow the motion to spin, and make the foot able to stomp on the right position on the ground. Make sure that the foot is straight and not being bent. This is to avoid any injury.

Most Important

When you are a beginner, make sure that you have a coach on your side. Otherwise, any injury would be felt right after the practice. Practicing hurdling is not like practicing any other sports. Well, probably the risks are the same, but still, this is the legs we are talking about, which mean this is the very center part of body; when it comes to sport, hands and legs are two crucial media a body can rely on.

Besides that, one also needs to realize that the beginning or the starting point of the practice is always important; this is the thing about reading manual instructions. When you are a beginner, you should make sure that the manual instructions are being read carefully. Thus, when you are patient enough to dig more about it, the mental of being hurdling athlete is starting to grow.

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