5 Sparring Training You Need to Improve Your Karate


Sometimes, you will feel that you make no progress or you are stuck on something that you can’t master. In this kind of situation, you need some variation in your training. This variation also needs to be effective in helping you improving. The following exercises are effective and you need a sparring partner to do it.

Focus Training

It will be best to use the mitts. Ask your sparring partner to use the mitts and you will make the punch. This will help you to focus as your partner moving the mitts. In order to make it even better training, you should use two or three combination of punches. Exchange position, gambling online boxing and learn from your partner movement. You will eventually find your own technique to stay focus while punching your opponent. This training can be done to develop better kick skill as well.

Heavy Bag Training

This time, the heavy bag will be your sparring mate. Just stand in front of the heavy bag and feel free to release all of your kicks, hand strikes, punches, and elbows. This shows how it is when you are actually in contact with real opponent. When the heavy bag swings back to you, you make real progress on your training. You should feel free to combine moves and try more variations for better understanding and control on your moves.

Dummy Training

You will need to use the wooden dummy commonly used in Kung Fu training. Training with a dummy will let you learn to combine defensive and offensive actions in a free flow as well as to use both hands in real combat with an opponent. With regular schedule, this training is the best way to develop your center line defense, parrying, and trapping skills. You know real pro and masters still do this training too.

Point Training

This training has been done for a long time. It is used to be so limited. You could only practice on kicking, sweeping, and punching in this training. However, things are changed now. Instead of being limited, you can also train your skill in trapping, throwing, and grappling. Mostly, you need proper gears and mats to do this. Choose someone as sparring partner from the same level as you are and ask your instructor to supervise the whole time.

Circle Training

Among other training, this can be categorized as the tensest one. Basically, you will stand in a circle of three to six people. They are to give you an attack of all sorts from punching, kicking, sweeping, striking or anything else. You will have no idea of the attack. You will train your immediate reaction and response toward this attack. Your sparring partners will attack you one by one. You can train in multiple attacks at once if you are already in advanced level.       

Now, you have several new things to try in your training. If you need more guide, you should ask your instructor about this and ask him if he is willing to supervise the process. Try to find a sparring partner with the same level as you are.


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