5 Tips for Stronger Karate Kick


Kicking in karate is about three things at once including flexibility, control, and power. Now, flexibility is not something hard to achieve. If you can gesture the kick, you are officially flexible enough. However, control and power are often forgotten and underestimated. These following tips will help you gain both.

Warm Up and Disguise

Before any karate event, try to do some stretching. You can try splitting or other stretching moves and take enough time for this. This will maintain your flexibility and this is essential before you learn about power. In addition to it, try to do some disguise moves before you actually do the kicking. global sportsbook  It also gives you enough time to get ready to deliver appropriate amount of power for the kicking. Really, pro do this all the time.

Make Proper Move

Strong and steady kick is determined by proper move and technique. For example, when you try to make a leg roundhouse, you need to do it in a drifting way with hook and side kick following immediately. With perfect moves, this will increase your speed in doing it. This should be hard enough to counter by opponent. When you make the kick, make sure that your legs never go straight. The last technique will help you to keep your balance.

Disguise and Balance Focus

When you make an attempt for a kick, you should try to make some disguise. For example, when you make a front leg kick, you should keep your knee lifted so your opponent will not know the real kick you will make. In addition to it, try to keep your body straight to keep your balance. This kind of technique also allows you to make immediate follow up action like hand attack or something else. If you want to master this, try to make disguise move and balance keeping simultaneously.

Speed and Power Attempt

To increase both speed as well as power in your kicking, you need to squeeze your feet toward the rear side while raising your leg. To make it even powerful, learn to understand your kick. You can do this by shadow kicking exercises. You will only need around two minutes routine on this. Try to practice your kicking in repeating moves with variation on combination and recovery too. You can train all techniques of kicking with this method.

Train Your Accuracy

To train your accuracy, you can try mitts focusing. This is proven to be more effective for accuracy training. It enables you to correct your flaws on three things at once, the execution of the kick, keeping the balance, and immediate recovery after a kick. To correct thing entirely, you should try to train your kick in real slow way. Do it really slowly so you acknowledge every single change and movement. This is also how you know the way and timing to put the right power for it.

You must be able to put appropriate amount of power and you must be able to control it in order to perform a perfect and strong kick in karate. You should try those five tips and add them on your routine for real result. This takes some time to show the result, so do it regularly.


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