Afa Domino Online Card Game


Afa Domino is one of card games that you can play in easy way. Today in this modern era, there are so many people who prefer to play the game via online or by using social account such as facebook. By using facebook, you will be easy to play betting game without need to worry because all are legal. Although there are lots of games that you can play, some people recommend you to play afa domino game. Why you need to choose to play this game? This game is easy to play by all people. You can play it and bet your money. It is also famous card game especially in south east Asia. Some people call this game as Kiu-Kiu. This game usually will be played by so many players in some places in the world. This game also offers you small or mini game that is called as slot. What you need to do is play and enjoy this game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Afa Domino

In order to master and win this game, you need to know some rules, tips and tricks. You don’t need to worry although you don’t know how to play this game. There are some sources where you can find tricks and tips to play this game. What you need to do is learning how to play this game first and then start to play this game.

Domino game is pretty much and it is related with luck. This game offers you fair mechanical game too but without skill and judgment you will not be able to win this game. Although you are new in this game, you never need to worry. There are some skillful domino players that are start from unskilled player first. That is why you must be confident although you are unskilled player. In general you must know general domino game tips such as:

  • You need to set down doubles in early time
  • You can set down heavier tiles in early time
  • Hold on for the variety of suits too
  • Note all of your opponents in order to weak the suits
  • You need to work out of your opponents hand.

When you have already known about some tips and tricks to play domino game, you need to learn about some points in domino game tips.

Points in Afa Domino

First you need to be aware of board count. In this board you can know some information that is needed.

Second, it is important to use your time to evaluate all tiles on the hand and then change all information in the board count.

Third, you must have ability to manipulate and also control board count too.

Then you need to use block strategies when you are near end of the game.

There are some types of Afa Domino that you can play such as Chinese Domino game.  In order to play this game and win this game, you must learn the strategies of playing this Chinese Domino. Now, you can start to download this game or you can play via online by using your facebook.

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