How to Get Big Winning Chance on AFA Poker Domino 99


Another attractive card games that you can play via Facebook is AFA Poker Domino 99. This game gives you 1 million free chips at the first time you play. You can play this game on leisure time to sharpen your decision skills since this card game requires you to become intelligent in taking the best decision. If you are interested in playing this game, just log in on your Facebook account and find Domino Poker games on the games list. This game can refresh your mind after working for hours

How to Play

First, set your bet and the dealer will give 3 cards each of players. Then click “MIX” to know the score of cards you get. There are 3 options that you could choose: CALL (keep the same bet), RAISE (increase your bet), ALL IN (use all your bet), or FOLD (step back from the game). The main point of this game is that you must combine the total of first two cards then decide whether you go on the game or fold. If you keep the game you will get one more card, so you will have four cards in total. To win the games, there are some rules to get high score: Double (when the cards are combined, the total must be 9,9), Big (the total is 38 or above), Small (the total is beneath 10 or less), Twin cards, and Six of Devil (6666). Follow these following tips and tricks to get higher winning chance!

Tips and Tricks to Play AFA Poker Domino 99

When you get the first 3 cards, click MIX to know the total of the first 2 cards. If the toal is 9, you have a big opportunity to get Double since 9 itself can be the candidate to get Double. To get Double, you have to get 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the third card. You can choose All in if you are sure will get 9 combination on the four card. However, if your third card is 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, don’t try to choose All in since you will get big opportunity to lose the game. For example, if the third card is 8 and the four card is 7, the total is 5 (8+7=15, just see the last number) and it will not create Double. Simply choose Fold if you are unlucky to avoid more loss.

To get BIG score (38 or above) you should combine the three cards and the total must be 33, for example you get 10, 14, and 10. Choose All in to win the game. However, if the total of three card is less than 33 (for example, 8+8+7) simply choose Fold or Call. This rule is also valid to generate SMALL score (9 or less). For instance, you get 0, 2, 0 cards so the total is only 3. You can get a winning chance since your cards are small and you can get 2, 3, 4, 5 as the fourth card. However, if the total cards is less than 3, don’t choose All in and simply Call or Fold the game. Isn’t it simple to play AFA Poker Domino 99 right?


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