How to be a Coxswain


Rowing is a unique sport that can be done by every people. Not only by adult, but also people in all genres and ages can do this sport as long as they know how to do this sport. This sport can make you feel so relax and also boosting your stamina. But, no many people have known that besides the rower, there is a coxswain in rowing sport. What is coxswain? Here, some explanation for you.

What is Coxswain?

A coxswain is part of rower team but doesn’t have task to hold oar on the boat. A coxswain has task to steer the boat and show the direction to other rower. But, the coxswain just exists in rowing that consists of eight. Not only steer and give direction, a coxswain should also organize the rhythm of the team and also boost the spirit during rowing. If you are interested in it, you can learn about guidelines because being a coxswain is a good choice. You will be very satisfied because you can make your team become spirit.

The Guideline to be a Coxswain

To become a coxswain, you have guidelines to be done. The guidelines are:

  • You must make sure that your team will be safe during rowing by steering properly (show the right direction to your team).
  • You should be in command all times in the boats. You will be the leader of your team and all members of your team will do your command. So, you must make sure that everything you said is the right thing because it will influence your team.
  • You will also be the coach when the real coach is not present. Like a real leader, you should take responsibility and make sure that your team will do rowing well. You must find strategy to make your team become a winner.
  • You can also give motivation or encouragement. Before rowing or when rowing, you can say the words which make your team become so spirit. When it happens, your team will be more spirit and finally will bring them to the victory.
  • You should give feedback to the team’s performance. No matter what the result is (win or not) is not problem, but you must still do positive feedback to make your team always spirit and always compact forever.
  • You should provide necessary tactical to your teams. During rowing, you will find some problem or maybe obstacle that threats your team. You should think faster and make decision to get necessary tactical until your team can pass the problem well and have a chance to be a winner.
  • You should organize and direct your team well. All your said will become command for your team and you have authority to make sure that your team always do the right thing based on the rules.

The tips above are for you who are interested in being a coxswain. Being a coxswain is very interesting as long as you can make your team always be in the right place and doing positive things till you achieve the success..

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