How to be a Good Rower


Rowing is an enjoyable sport you can do. It makes you feel so happy when doing it. Not only makes you happy, it also makes you improve your healthy because many advantages you can get from it. This sport is also flexible. It can be done by all age and also can be done by single, double, fourth, sixth, even eight. To makes this sport become so enjoyable, you can tray to be a good rower. How to be a good rower? It will be explained here. But you must also know the things about rowing.

Something You Should Know About Rowing

Rowing is divided into two types, those are sweeping and sculling. Sweep is rowing which use one oar for every person, but in sculling every rower hold two oars. Boats can consist of single, double, quad, sixth and also eight. For boats which consist of eight rowers, there is a Cox which has the task to steer the boat and make a direction for crew.

This sport not only can make you happy, but also can improves your health, such is improves your muscle volume, improves your cardiovascular health, improves your strength and also makes you feel relax and out of the stress.

How to be a Good Rower

To become a good rower, you should do many exercises. Remember that a stroke is divided into four steps and you should master it well to be a good rower. Here, some tips for you:

  1. The Finish

To start this position, extend your legs so you will be pushed on slide. Lean your body back. Hold the oar handle to your chest. Put your hands about shoulder width apart on the oar handle, with your outside hand on the edge of handle.

  1. The Recovery

Press the handle straight downs with outside hand so the blade out of the water. Make sure that the blade is parallel with the water. Push your hand far from your body so your elbow almost is locked. Buckling your body in hip till you lean in the front with the extend hand. Remember that your back should be straight during stroke. Pull your body to the front along the slide until your shank become vertical. When you are doing it, make sure that the blade in some inchesĀ above the water surface. Square your blade when you are rotating to previous position with the blade is straight down to the water.

  1. The Catch

In this step, you must try to achieve as far as you can without bend down your back. Make sure that the blade is always straight down to the water.

  1. The Drive

Push your body back by using your legs, with your hand is straight and your body still leaning to the front. You should full your body by using the legs. Make sure that your back lean back to finish position. Pull your hand back to the chest (finish position).

Those are some tips for you in doing every steps of rowing properly. If you can do it well, you can be a good rower. As long as you always train, you will be a good rower.

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