The Introduction of Technique of Hurdling


Hurdling is one of the most interesting sports to try related to jumping. The technique requires balance, concentration, and also a feeling of being a warrior. In order to get all those goodness, one needs to realize that hurdling is not easy to try, as it is easy to hear. Hurdling is divided by 3 main meters for each of its distance. They are 100, 100, and 400. All of them has 10 obstacles to jump over each. The longer the distance, the lower the obstacles. Here’s some introduction to give more pictures and guidance about hurdling.

The Introduction

The movements done by legs, hands, knees, and body motion for 400 meters hurdling, in each phase, is the same with the technique for 100 and 110 meters. The things that need to be paid attention to in this technique is about changing the leg to lead to then jump over around the corner; the reason is because in this 400 meters, some obstacles are around the corner of trajectory. These are some techniques to decide which leg is the best to use to lead, and which leg is the best to follow. One needs to bear in mind that having a safe and well jumping is all someone needs to be a good professional runner of hurdling.

  1. It will be more efficient, effective, and also safe to use left leg as a leading leg in hurdling, when jumping session is about to come. This is the best to use when the obstacle is in around the corner. Especially then the runners are in the trajectory that is tighter than before.
  2. The tilt of body is best to be on the left when the runners run. The purpose of this position is to help lift the right leg (the following leg and not the leading leg).
  3. The leading with right leg would be awkward but mostly, it is finally used too, especially on the last corner, when the runners feel very tired. Make sure to run straight to the obstacle so that the leading leg can pass the obstacle well to the outside of it. Thus, the following leg will be fully following the left. If not, then the runners would be disqualified.

What to Pay Attention besides the Legs?

Legs are important to train in hurdling. But that does not make hands less used. Hands can even balance the body to go pass the obstacles. Each obstacles has its own difficulty, reminds that they are placed either in the corner or in the line, along the way. When one leg passes to the outside of the obstacle, a runner would be disqualified. Thus, to avoid any kind of that action, they have to be smart in jumping over it; this can be done by balancing their hands.

Hurdling is described as one of many difficult sports that required balance as its main challenge. The legs and hands should work together to create a harmony. Practicing a lot and a lot would help much.

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