Do You Know Sic Bo?


When online games become of the fun ways to spend time, you might shrink your forehead. What is special and so interesting about online game? People today with so many life problems and duties to be done, need something to have fun while enjoying time. Although some online games might not be mind relaxing, they can be stress releasing. Do you know Sic Bo? Who knows this is the kind of game that will make you excited and furthermore, addicted. Be wise and make use of every opportunity, including with online games. You might get more information about online games that can make you a business man. A business out of online games? Yes, some people have proven themselves successful in this business. While you are looking for information about online games that can give additional income, let’s get to know more on Sic Bo.

Getting more familiar with Sic Bo

You might need to know that Online Sic Bo is also called Online Tai Sai, Hi-Low, Big and Small or Dai Siu. This unequal chance game came from ancient Chinese and it is played with 3 dices. And if you want to know the real meaning of Sic Bo is actually Precious Dice. It is a casino game and pretty popular in Asia, especially Macau. The point of playing Sic Bo is to be successfully betting on the result of 3 dices. Players can make up to 50 bets on the 3 dices roll. The result will base on the combination number of the 3 dices and determined by the area pointed on Tables. Players must move cursor to click on the coin pictures on the bottom left side of the game window. And then, click also the left side where the chip values available. Choose the one you would love to use. Place the chip by moving your cursor to betting area. The chip will automatically be displayed on the table when you click left. The amount of bet will be shown on the top of game window.

A dealer will get a chest for shaking the 3 dices. Dealer will also display the numbers combination. Sic Bo is mainly about chance. The roll of the 3 dices will define the result, win or lose. The betting options would be in several types, namely big, small, odd, even, specific triples or alls, specific double, and any triple or all. You can choose which one you would love to try. For example, you choose big type. Total score would be 11 to 17 and it has the probability of 48, 6%. If you choose small, there would be only 4 to 10 total score with the same probability as previous type. And, if you choose odd, odd number will be the total score. The same thing goes if you choose even number. The even number would be the total score with same probability as the earlier types. Read more on the strategies to enlarge your chance of winning the Sic Bo.

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