Live Dragon Tiger – The best and worst betting options

Dragon Tiger seems like a ferocious beasts combined isn’t it? Actually, it is one of the best Asian casinos games whether real or online (live). It is a variant of baccarat. Well if you know baccarat, it is the simplified version of it. Two cards are dealt, one to the Dragon Side and the other on the Tiger Side. You place your bet either the Dragon or the tiger. There is also a range of bets that can include aside from the primary bet. Well basically the aim of the game, choose the high value card or a tie. It is advisable to know in Live Dragon Tiger – The best and worst betting options.

Dragon Tiger somehow similar to Casino War. Or for some it’s the mixed up version of Baccarat. The game was first played in Cambodia. With its simplicity and easy to understand, it became popular in Asia. It became one of the games at the Casino whether real or online. It’s quite easy to understand the game. If you know Baccarat, this game will be easy for you and you might as well as enjoy.

Live Dragon Tiger – The best and worst betting options

Players will place their bets (real money) on the Dragon spot or Tiger spot. The dealer will be dealt cards on the table, then it will be revealed face up. As mention earlier above, the highest value card wins, and the opposite of it is somehow self-explanatory. There are rules in the game. All aces unlike in some game which has a highest value. but this time is the lowest. However, if both side received the same value of the card. then the hand is a tie.

The house of edge will take half of bet that has been placed. The pace of the game is straightforward and quite simple. Players will simply guess who has the highest card on the table deal.

Best option and the worst option in placing bets

The game can be played without having specific strategies or card counting. Though having those mention techniques could really help the game. Either way, it is like Flip toss coin. Heads or Tails, Dragon Tiger is similar, probability of which spot is the highest. In some cases, house edge for the bets is up to 3.73 percentage. It could be the lowest as well. Having non negative percentage has a chance to win as long as it is not zero or negative one. Payouts pays even more.

In a game of chance like this, luck is big factor. Probability of which one is the highest that would like to be a favorable outcome. Applying strategies wouldn’t hurt while taking risk it can also give you big win in online casino. It can minimize loses. Since its a card based game. Card counting could really help, keeping track of count will help to determine which spot has the highest value. Suit-based of which card could also help to determine best option on where to place the bet, similar to card counting, either way, selecting the Tiger or Dragon Odds and Chance are, its pays 3:1 to 1:1 is varies Dragon/Tiger of different suits which has a chance of winning.

Tie bet

Cases of Tie, on some cases, a tie is the worst option. Chances of are and payouts is 8 to 1. It might seem tempting but chances are you might lose, since the house edge has a percentage of 32.77 which pretty much favorable to the dealer. There are possible 86,320 combinations that can be made and only the result 6488 will be ties and remaining 79,862 possible results that it will be the other way around.

Whether it’s on Dragon side, Tiger side or Tie, the choice is yours to make to bet. Dragon Tiger is one of the simplified online casino games, quite easy to understand. You can come up strategies in your favor. But what matters most is that you enjoy the game.

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