Poker Texas Boyaa


Poker Texas Boyaa becomes one of the hottest online poker games today. Like other types of online poker game, this one is also available in both free and paid versions so that it can meet the needs and preference of game lovers. These days, game poker happens to be booming and most wanted game to play by many people since this kind of game can be easily played through Facebook which is also considered as one of the most-used social media platforms. Besides, it can be played using personal computer and smartphone. Poker Boyaa basically is not really different from other poker games which are available. But, what makes this game a little bit different is this game has been made in Indonesian version. Besides, this game uses several names of Indonesian city in the poker. This one is such an approach to make the game more interesting since there are many Indonesian which are enthusiastic to play this game.

Those who play the game will do all the effort to win. However, to be winning you should not play in usual way. You need to know the tricks. The same ways come to Poker Boyaa. There are a number of tricks to make you success in playing this game on Facebook. The first thing that you have to do is actually open this game application and directly choose the room to play. Secondly, before you play the game, you commonly being asked to set based on where you join and how much chips you owned. You must stay focus while playing and do not lose if your rival challenge you to use raise or all in. If you have good card in the beginning, you can attack your rival using all in. This trick most likely will frighten your rivals and make them to choose fold. If your rival makes your raise, you can do reverse attack by adding the amount of bet so that the poker will be on your side and appear on the poker table. The most important thing is keep calm and patient.

Poker Boyaa is available both in free and paid version. The free one can be played in social media platform such as Facebook. While you using this version, you do not need to pay anything. Besides, it is perfect for those who are still beginner to train their skill so that they will be ready to play more advanced level. The paid version is not played on Facebook and it has more complete features. This version allows the players to earn money if they win.

Another attracting point of this game is that it offers a number of tournaments. This tournament also has rules that need to be obeyed by the players and it consists of several levels of Texas poker cards. Poker Boyaa tournaments which started to hold last year offer both real and online gifts for the winner. This tournament is available for all people but they need to pass a number of qualifications in order to decide the winner of the game.

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