Step by Step of Doing Negativa of Capoeira in a Right Way


Who have ever heard or even familiar with the martial art called capoeira? Of course, many of you do. That is because it is a type of sport or martial art which is totally really popular. There are also so many people who are interested in learning much about this kind of art. Surely, it is not an easy kind of martial art. In brief, it is like the combination of body movement art, self-defence method, and even a sport. That is why it looks not only unique and really that attractive, it also looks a little bit complicated. However, there is no impossible thing to learn if you have a great will. Anyone can learn and even master this kind of martial art. The key is only the proper drilling and practice more and more until you are really mastering it well. You have started it from the really basic movement or technique. Do and learn them one by one carefully. You have to master each of them well since the basic ones become the root of your capability of capoeira. That is the reason why it is important for you to start it really from basic. However, getting the info regarding to the theory and anything about capoeira is also really useful. That will be helpful getting the overview before you are having it a start. You will know a little bit about the theory and then you can enjoy the practice. world sport betting  It will make you to be easily understood about what you have to do for particular technique.

Learning the basic one can be really worrying but actually that is something you have to do and deal with in order to get the best result on mastering capoeira. Besides ginga, negativa is another basic technique of capoeira. Surely, you need to be in the very basic movement, which is ginga first. Then, you can turn to the steps below for doing negative of capoeira.

ü  Firstly, you need to use your leg which is on the back when in the position of ginga, which is one that is crouched. In this position, the other one to be really straight but make sure as well that it is not locked.

ü  Then, you can keep your bent leg foot to be on ball of foot. Then, you have to make yourself keep on balance. It can be by laying the butt on the heel.

ü  You can also position your hand to the right which is next to the leg which is having the position of straight out. Then, you can point outward at the angle of about forty five. If it is your right leg, the right hand needs to be down on the ground which will be helpful to keep your balance.

ü  Then, the last is placing your arm to give protection to the face properly.

When you are doing the moves above, you can position your body forward properly. That sounds a little bit complicated but you still need to remember that it is the part of the capoeira basic which you have to master. So, drilling the technique of negativa more and more continually is a good idea.

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