Texas Holdem Poker


There are wide varieties of poker game which are available now.  The majority of them are played using online platforms. Texas Holdem Poker is one of online poker games which are quite popular. This one is played on a social medial platform, Facebook. That’s why, if you want to play this game, you need to have Facebook account. This one is quite interesting game to play since you will combat other player not the computer. Since this game is played online, you are able to chat, send message, and even add your rival account to be your friend. This poker game is a particular Texas card game which will make the players to play like in a real bet with the chips and rules for real poker. It also offers choices of table and number of players based on your preference. However, the chips cannot be transferred into money although you win lots of time.

If you have known the basics to play poker, you can be easily entering this game by finding the most advantageous cards from 5 combinations of cards you have. However, choosing the best cards is not easy as you think so that you need tricks to play it. First, you need to consider the level of players. The higher the level of players are, the higher your opportunity to get high cards. Concentrate on the first cards you have. If you have pair cards or cards that value AS 10, K 10, Q 10, and J 10, then you can make all in. This value will increase your opportunity to win although you do not you’re your rival’s cards. If you have got many chips, don’t use them all. Instead, move to another table and use fewer chips and save the rest since if you them all, you rival can force you to make all in. Don’t force yourself if you get bad cards, you had better to try another table for luck.

This game can be downloaded in two versions, the free and paid one. The difference between those two versions lay on their levels. There is no difference associated with the chips. The free version only can be played into particular level. Meanwhile, the paid version can be played into the highest level. If you are still beginner, you had better to use the free version previously to train your skill. But, if you are already a pro player, you should try the paid version.

Since Texas Holdem Poker is considered as favourite game on Facebook, it offers several tournaments for the players. The first one is called Round Robin which happens to be daily tournament and give voucher cost 10.000 per sheet. Another tournament is Sit n Go which offers 98 chips for winner and similar with 900.000 rupiahs. There is also Spin n Go which provides 1000x chips and 500B in maximum that is similar with 50.000.000 rupiahs. Other tournaments offered also offer chip that can be converted into interesting gifts.

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