Tips on Buying Scuba Diving Gear


Owning a full set of scuba diving gear is not a must, especially for those who only do the sports as a hobby. In fact, even professional scuba diver rarely have the full set of scuba diving gear. They only bought the most essential gears such as the wetsuits, masks, and fins. For people who do scuba diving a lot, it is better for them own at least these three gears since they can choose the ones that really suits their body size so that they will be more comfortable walking around underwater. Here are some tips on buying scuba diving gear for you.

  1. Mask

The mask’s function is to create a space of air between your eye and the water and let the eye to focus under water. The nose pocket at the bottom side of the mask helps you equalize the air pressure inside your mask when you go deeper underwater. Look for a scuba dive mask with a good watertight fit so that there will be no leak when y9u go under water. You should also look for a mask that has clear or light colored mask skirt so that you can see the sights underwater more clearly. The cost for a scuba dive mask range from 25 to 150 dollars.

  1. Snorkel

The snorkel is used to conserve air in your tank when you are floating about in the water surface. At first glance, snorkel is simple enough. However, there are many kinds of snorkel with different functions that you can choose. However, you should stick to the basic and find a snorkel that fits perfectly as your mouthpiece. Aside from looking for a snorkel that will let you breathe dry and easy, you should also mind the size of the snorkel itself since bigger snorkel means more drags it creates when under water. The solution is to look for a snorkel that is not big enough and let you breathe easy enough. You should also find one that will fit perfectly with your mask. The cost for a snorkel ranges between 15 to 75 dollars.

  1. Fins

Fins are used to scuba dive so that you can move easier in the dense water of the sea using your legs. When looking for fins, you should look for a pair that is comfortable to be worn yet also efficient. When trying on fins, you should look for ones that fits your feet perfectly so that your toes will not curled and your heels will not be pinched. If you cannot wiggle your toes, then the fins are too small for you. If you have a big body with stronger muscle, a stiff and big fin will be more efficient for you. On the contrary, for those who have small body and are less conditioned, smaller and more flexible fins are the perfect gears. The cost for a pair of fins ranges between 65 to 200 dollars.

  1. Wetsuits

A good wetsuit is one that can protect you from the colder temperature of the underwater. It also protect your body from scrapes and stings when scuba diving. You should look for a wetsuit that fits your body perfectly and comfortable. You should look for one that is fit and snuggly without restricting your movements, especially underwater. However, you should not buy one that is to loose since it will not protect you from the cold water. The cost for a wetsuit ranges between 70 and 650 dollars while dry suits can cost up to 2,800 dollars.

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