Top 5 Download Game- Texas Holdem Poker


Poker Boya is one of hottest trusted poker site games that you can play for free or you can also download app to be played on your smartphone. Although there are so many casino games that offered to you, Poker is still one of the best casino games that has high popularity. Poker Boya is known because this game is more attractive. Now you can also play this game by using your Facebook account only. Now, Poker Boya gets 7th position of the most favorite Poker game and downloaded by lots of people in the world. There are some features that offered to you and you will not find in some other Poker game. For all of you who want to play this game, it is good for you to read more about this game. You need to learn trick and tips before you play this game.

Tricks and Tips to Play Poker Boya

When you want to win this game, what you need to do is just some simple steps here.

First you need to bring at least half of your chip for your beginning play.

Second, it is important thing that you need to know and do when you play this game or other game. You need to keep calm and think clearly although you are in bad position or you get raise. You just need to play it and continue your game. When you get good card, you need to increase your bet.

Third, you should not give all of your chips. You must be careful in playing this game. You can count whether you are in good position or it is better for you to stop the game earlier. It makes you can save your money rather than you continue your game and you know that you will lose your money.

Differences Between Free Game and Paid Game

As it is said above, you have choice to play this Poker Boya. You can play for free by using your facebook account. You can play anytime you want but you can’t get your real money when you play for free. It is different when you play paid game. You need to search app of Poker Boya in Google App Store or online poker websites and then you can directly download the app. You can install the game and then you can play anytime you want. Sometime when you use paid game, you must upgrade the game so you can get new version with new features too. What are some interesting things that you will get when you play this game?

Features and Tournaments

There are some tournaments that you can follow and you can show your ability and skill in playing this Poker Boya. What are some features that offered to you?

You will get 3500 Bonus Chip when you start this game.

You can win free chips for daily and you can earn more chips when you play.

You will be able to play games and add all friends in easy way. You can take challenge anytime you want.

When you join tournament you can get bigger reward too.

You can grab free gifts and you have possibility to get one million poker chips everyday.


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