Wayne Rooney – the Legend of England, Ready for EURO 2016


Wayne Rooney, the captain team of England National Team, is undoubtedly has been considered as one of the most influential player. Not only in his team Manchester United, but also for his national team. His ability to keep productive and keep practicing had led him to a greater chance. He has been said and considered to be compared to some legend of England National Team. This could be the other strong reason why England keeps him on the road, helping his team to get the goal together. To finally make their country proud, as well as the folks of England.

Breaking but Not Broken

Rooney has officially broken the record of Sir Bobby Charlton. But surely, he is not broken. With those scores and goals, he is sure that he will keep going and be ready for EURO 2016. During the qualification season, Rooney has scored 7 goals in eight appearances. trusted betting site That means if we put it in percent, there is 99% success and chance to win with Rooney.

This England National Team captain has scored an opening goal in the match facing San Marino, on Saturday night, in the beginning of September two thousand and fifteen. That goal makes him compared to Bobby Charlton as the best scorer for England National Team, the 49 goals it is. The legend would also be proud of Rooney.

If many people associate the number 13 as a bad luck number, it may be different with Rooney. Rooney scored a goal in the minutes of 13th, in the qualification of Group E. He had that amazing shot, the low one to the keeper of the opponent team. At the end, the scores were amazingly created; it was 6-0 for a winning of England. Such a crazy number it is!

Rooney and Charlton

Speaking of Charlton, he is the legend of MU. He has those 49 goals scored in the twelve years of his football career. Just like Rooney, he played as much as 106 matches to stand for England. His last goal was scored back then in ’70s. That was a long ago but the tradition is kept still. Rooney has been in MU squad since Ferguson bought him in ’04. Just like any other coach, he never thought that Rooney would reach into this position.

An Amazing Footballer

According to Ferguson, he never had thought about Rooney being a good player, like the best one compared with Charlton. But he had seen the signs and the seeds made and spread. He never had seen him as a goal maker because there was no proof back then. Rooney was just like a good footballer, and that was why Ferguson recruited him.

This amazing footballer named Wayne Rooney is the one that is aggressive. Many football critiques say that that is the one thing he has, a great one. That is one of the greatest asset he ever has. He proves that. There is no way to go back; there is just one match to face, the EURO 2016!

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